An Introduction to AdapticAI


AdapticAI was founded to be guides and coaches for the world’s most brilliant data science teams, and to help them accelerate their work.

We’re in fascinating times and facing exponential change across multiple industries and technological advancements. Those who are embarking on projects and transformations involving data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are right at the heart of it all. Pretty soon, there will not be an aspect of business that data science does not touch, and the early adopters continue to make progress that continues to create a gap between them and their competitors.

AdapticAI was founded to be guides and coaches for the world’s most brilliant data science teams, and to help them accelerate their work. With so many talented professionals out there, and so many more in training, we see our mission as a critical one in these exciting times ahead. We are complementary to these teams, and work to more closely align their outcomes with measurable business growth and outcomes.

While many companies are already realizing tangible benefits of investments in AI, nearly everyone understands it will play a critical role in our global future. Connecting business goals to the work of data science teams means assessing the current gaps, finding ways to create initial programs that demonstrate success, and ultimately working to increase the maturity of the organization and its data science teams.

Businesses are making large investments in data science and related people, processes, and technology. For their data science teams to perform at their best, they need to find ways to work better with technology and find ways to speed up solutions and progress. But they also need to have goals and outcomes that directly tie to desired business outcomes. Our mission is to make reliable, efficient, and effective AI to be commonplace across all industries so that people and machines can work together more successfully.

We are optimistic about the future of artificial intelligence and technology in general, though we are realistic about the challenges which lie ahead. Creating reliable, efficient, effective, and ethical applications of these technologies are what drive us and what will drive the economy of the future.

Our vision is that people and machines working together will bring about solutions to some of humanity’s biggest problems, and create opportunities for many who have previously had little or none. We are the accelerators of this growth, and take pride in our part of our clients’ successes.

This blog was started to share our thoughts on how this acceleration can help businesses, NGOs, and governments and their unique challenges. Some of our posts will provide very technical information, and others will talk about larger issues and solutions of which we and our clients are active participants.

We at AdapticAI are excited about a future in which technology can benefit everyone, wherever they are and whoever they might be, and want to speed up our progress towards it. We hope you join us for the ride.

Greg Kihlstrom